Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wow... Harsh.

So, there's been a big "brouhaha" lately about some of the different nail shapes. Square, squoval, oval, & round... we all get that. Stiletto, edge, pipe, lipstick, and (holy smokes) "duck feet" (I prefer the term "flared edge) have some people up in arms! What's that all about? Ok, so you don't like them; fine. But as a professional, why would you NOT offer something to your clients that (a) you *can* do, and (b) you can easily make a larger profit off of?!?! That's just crazy to me.

I admit, these specialty type of nails are OBVIOUSLY not for everyone; heck, they're not for MOST people. But, that doesn't mean there isn't a market for them. If you owned a grocery store, and your customers wanted goat's milk, would you refuse to supply it just because YOU don't like goat's milk? No. If you owned a clothing store, and your customers wanted corsets & knee-high socks, would you refuse to stock them just because YOU don't think they're attractive? No.

Seriously, people, unless something is honestly against your religion, morals, or ethics... why would you not offer something that the public wants? To me, it's like biting the hand that feeds you (or, in this case, slapping the hand that pays you). I may not like these styles on a personal basis, and they definitely aren't for everyone/everyday wear... but that doesn't mean that I will refuse to do them. I *will*, however, make sure to educate my clients so they understand all the pros & cons with the style of their choice.

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