Thursday, March 16, 2017

LAST POST -- I'm Moving!!

So, my first announcement -- As of May 2nd, I am moving to Bella Fiore Day Spa (2225 NE Cornell Rd, Hillsboro, 97124). Same email, same cell number, same FaceBook to reach me... but my drive goes from 45m-1hr down to 12-15m. No more rush hour worries, so eventually I'll want to work more hours, but for now, my schedule will be Tues (2p-7p), and Wed-Sat (9a-3p). I'm very excited about this move and look forward to building my clientelle up closer to home.

Second announcement -- This is my last blog post on Blogger. My website will go live April 30th, 2017 and I will be blogging directly on there from here on out. (Don't worry; all posts here will remain.) My website has Gallery photos, blog posts, service menu, and more! My friend Chris is putting it together for me and I'm very happy with his knowledge & attention to detail so far (and we're not even live yet!).

Anyway, hope you stick with me, and follow me over...

Thursday, March 2, 2017

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON... and two annoyances.

I have some big business news coming... but in the meantime, an small announcement -- I'm finally getting a website! I've been working with a designer who also does security for the last couple months and we're getting close. Once I have my domain name and hosting site paid for, I'll announce the link. We're going to have a countdown on it! :) Anyway, stay tuned...

OH, while I'm here, can I bitch for a minute? Two things:

(1) Nail Shapes -- Seems I need to repeat myself. Just because it's LONG doesn't mean it's a STILETTO! I have a Nail Shape album on my FB page that is very specific about what shapes are properly called. And, if you want a longer &/or special shaped nail, be prepared to PAY EXTRA FOR IT! Any good tech worth his/her salt will charge you extra... as they should! Quit being cheap.

(2) Holo & Chrome -- I see a lot of so-called "professional" nail techs using these terms interchangeably. That is wrong. These are DIFFERENT things. Holo (aka: Holographic, Hologram, or Unicorn) powders (also called Pigments) are super-fine and make a rainbow effect on top of gel polish or polish, while Chromes are super-shiny, available in different colors (some are even MIRROR-like in finish -- think a chrome bumper -- or reflect two or even three colors). As of right now, I have a Holo from (yes, they call their original one "chrome holo - Holy Chrome", but that isn't an accurate descriptor), plus Gold Mirror Chrome, Titanium Chrome, Silver Mirror Chrome, and three of Cordoza's tri-colored Chromes... and plans for two or three more, once she has the spa line I asked for available. :)

Holo on the right side for an example; over five different blue gel polishes:

And this is Chrome (rose gold from Wildflowers, to be exact):