Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ahhhh, Progress!

When I started planning my Studio MakeOver, I knew it was going to take some time to get things done. I wanted to do it right; so I planned five full days off (well, THREE full days, and two that had one client each; ones I couldn't move) as soon as my polish rack was finished. My plan (lol -- "plan"... maybe THAT was the problem) was as follows:
Day One -- Remove everything from my studio, put it all nicely into the basement at the salon, and deep clean the whole room.
Day Two -- Spackle & mud, as needed.
Day Three -- Prime everything, paint all the white.
Day Four -- Paint all the yellow.
Day Five -- Put everything back into my room that is staying, take everything else home to sell on Craigslist, etc.

Here's what ACTUALLY happened:
Day One -- Went according to plan. Daughter joined me and was a huge help. I also posted on my business FB page, asking for assistance in choosing which yellow to paint. Both were similar once swatched, so I made my fans choose by name. The choices were "Moonlit Yellow" or "Soft Lemon". Moonlit Yellow won by a landslide!
The next day was my birthday, so I didn't do any studio work that day.
Day Two -- Took care of one morning MAN-I-cure (took me 1/2 hour), took mom & daughter to the airport, then returned to the salon. This is where things went a wee bit south. You see, the mesh tape dropped out of my bag in my garage, and I didn't know this until I was at work. I *could* have driven to Fred Meyer or the Ace Hardware nearby, but by the time I actually discovered the fact of the missing mesh tape, it was about 4p and I was tired... I had also discovered that day that two of the screws in my walls didn't want to come out, so I also needed pliers to force them. I went home.
Day Three -- Now dedicated to finishing spackling & mudding. Took about an hour. Also slapped on some KILZ to some staining on my ceiling.
Day Four -- Taped off the floor, and primed everything except the ceiling, since another coat of KILZ was needed on the staining.
Day Five -- Had a basic pedi to take care of in the a.m., then finished priming the ceiling, and painted all the white (baseboards, picture rail, the roughly one-foot section of wall above the picture rail, and finally, the ceiling).
Day Six -- Had two clients in the morning, then hubs came by with tools & my polish rack. We had lunch together, then got those things installed. I decided that the old light bar doesn't need to go back up; I'm just going to install a second lamp over the client's mani chair. Hopefully, I can buy another of the one I installed over the pedi sink.

Currently, I am taking a studio break, but I *did* wash my curtains (they still need ironing before I put them back up; one set has handmade flip flop hooks!), and did some at-home painting. My dirty towel basket was brown... now it's white. It needs another coat, then sealer. My sign was light blue; it got painted medium/dark purple. It currently also needs another coat, then the stencil in white, then seal.

I will put some of my things back in starting tomorrow, but this will be a slow process, since I need to figure out where things are going, what I still need as far as storage goes (at the very least, a stackable drawer thing for backbar - under my pedi sink area - and a nice wall-hung polish rack for my gel polishes. I have a good-sized Shellac rack that CND sent me, and want one from Deco Polish Racks, but I'm not sure what size I need, yet), and what I'm going to be getting rid of (definitely the old pedi chair, some decor items, and polishes). This Sunday, hubs will return with me so that he can change out my switches & plates. They are "almond", and I am making them all "white".

If you're not already, you can "LIKE" my business page and watch my progress in pictures. I'm posting them as I go.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moving Along Nicely...

So, today, while my daughter was at the water park with her friend & her friend's family, my husband and I finished painting my new polish rack, then went over to Home Depot & Lowe's. I picked up two new drawer knobs (decided to hold off having hubs make a new storage cabinet for being my chair; for now, I'm just going to paint it white, to match the polish rack), push-in wall hangars, and two small sample cans of paint. I like this lamp for hanging over my pedi sink (goes with my framed CND certificates), and this rug for under my new pedi chair. Sometime this week, I will paint all four walls with sample swatches of the paint, so I can decide which I like best (so far, I'm leaning more towards "Moonlit Yellow", but "Lemon" is also in the running).

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You May Proceed...

Ok, thanks to my, my husband's, and my daughter's efforts, my custom made corner polish rack is done! I have narrowed my paint choices to three; I think I like one best, but will still get little cans of the three and do paint swatches to make sure. I have my new pedi chair and both cushions (one for spring/summer, one for fall/winter) bought, but not put together. I have researched carpet tiles and found a company I can get some from, but it's not cheap. I had found a 4' square rubber-backed low-pile rug I was going to order, but I measured my pedi space today, and it's a bit smaller than that (and I don't want to cut a pre-made rug). So, my next step there is to check out the local carpet places & see if I can get the tiles, or maybe have a custom rug made, for cheaper than the catalog I have. I also need to see about a lamp I can hang (on an eye bolt or something) above my pedi bowl that has a really long cord, so I can have better lighting. Pretty sure those are the last bits I need to get done before I can shut down. Oh, and if you're a client of mine, I WILL be shutting down June 21st through June 25th for the makeover.

Sometimes, Cheating Is Ok... Sometimes, It's Not

When you're in the beauty industry, things happen... Your regular clients occasionally need to go somewhere else to have their services done. For me, it's usually due to my client's schedule (work conflict, out of town, or lack of daycare are the three most common), not because of mine (although lately I have had less open appointments to accommodate last-minute clients). A few weeks ago, a client of mine, R, was leaving town for a weekend of fun with her friend, J. When she was finally able to make it back into my chair, I was prepping her for what I now call her "Diva" service (thanks, Tanya!). What do I see, but rings of fire! They weren't actually red, but there were very defined rings; ridged out of her natural nail. I semi-jokingly said, "What did you do?!?!" She goes, "I cheated... I'm sorry!" I told her next time she needs to cheat on me, that I have plenty of names for her of highly-qualified, certified by CND/OPI, nail techs I can send her to. GEEZ! Last tidbit:Here's a great, but long, article about MMA every person should read & understand.