Monday, December 12, 2011

OPI GelColor... Review Part Two

This one's just a quicky, because I haven't had many clients wanting to try the (now seven) GelColors I have... Also, remember that I'm using my CND Shellac/Brisa lamp (I now own two of them), because I'm saving up for OPI's new LED lamp.

Removal was tested with OPI's "Expert Touch" remover (part acetone, part glycerine) on one hand, and pure acetone on the other. Expert Touch was 15 minutes; nails were hydrated and there was no white skin around the fingers from the drying effects of the acetone. Acetone was tried at 10m, then left on another 5m... drying effect was there, product seemed to remove a little easier with Expert Touch. Will use ET in the future.

Pregnant Hairdresser Friend -- Her review: "It's shinier at the end than Shellac was, and seemed to stay on about equal to Axxium." From a VERY busy hairdresser whose nails currently grow super-fast due to pregnancy hormones, that's saying a lot (at her appt today, her two week growth looked like three weeks). She loved "OPI Ink" and chose "Pompeii Purple" today.

Me -- "I got a good 6 days on my thin, weak, super-short, naturally-peeling nails before it started to wear at the tips." Please note, I am a super-busy nail tech and 90% of my clients are Shellac (or other UV polish) users. I am using acetone to wrap my clients, so the most wear I saw was my right thumb; it bubbled at the outer edge. ALL to be expected with acetone use.

Last Thursday, I put it on a gel client. She chose "Miami Beet" (I *did* add a little glitter, but that won't effect wear). And, this morning, I used just one coat (instead of the recommended two) of "Passion" with some nail art (the art got a double-coat of Top Coat). Next blog (Part Three) will have their reviews & my final word.

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