Thursday, November 8, 2012

Losing & Gaining Clients

I don't play the "it's the economy" card... but for some of my clients, it really is. I lost two clients this week simply because they couldn't afford to get their nails done right now. I get it; it's the holidays and people are using their measly paychecks for things like gifts for their families and property taxes (thankfully, WE can afford to pay ours in one chunk; not everyone is so lucky).

On the other hand, I have two newbies coming in within the next week. Both have been sent to me by other nail techs. One has moved from Iowa (the infamous -- at least in my nail world -- Holly Schippers', aka: FINGERNAILFIXER, client), and the other is from southern Oregon. Both are relocating to Portland, and both are devout CND Shellac users.

I love all my gel polishes (adding more to my collection every month), and the majority of my clients are gel polish clients. However, I am an artist, and CND Shellac is the best medium for nail art of the gel polishes I've tried... so I nudge my clients to step outside their "one color" (even if it changes every appointment) mantra, and try something more.

I offer layering, engraving, glitter (a little or a lot), nail apps, hand-painted artwork, pigments, transfer/crafting foils, and so much more. Art isn't JUST painting a flower... it's creating a look customized for you, for the season, to match an outfit or an accessory, or to be an accessory all on its own.

I am sad to see the two lost clients go (& truly hope they come back as finances allow), but am thankful that the ones filling their spots. These two want me to push my artistic boundaries... and I am really looking forward to it!

Note to my current & future clients -- Feel free to "Follow" me on Pinterest: nailartistry04. I repin designs I want to try, as well as nails I've actually done (among other things like yummy food and funny sayings).

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  1. Yep, its rough. My mom has lost lots of clients for the same reason, and I don't do the pedi thing any more for the same reason. Hopefully the economy will turn around soon.