Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Been A While... Sorry About That!

Apparently, the last time I blogged here was in May. So, here's some product updates for you:

Since then, I've switched over all but one traditional gel client to CND's Brisa Lite Sculpting. I truly love this stuff, and when I put my last Ed Wyse order in (Oh, I have a new rep, Tracy, who comes to my salon once per month, shows me the new product coming out if there is any that month, takes my order, and processes it for me... Ed Wyse doesn't charge shipping, there is no minimum order, and since they are based in Seattle, I get my order in 1-2 business days), the Sculpting now comes in a larger jar; the same size as the one for their traditional gel.

* One client, JB, and I are in a weaning process right now. I have successfully removed all the gel (weaning from traditional, to Sculpting, to Smoothing, to no gel base) from my toes... I am now only wearing either traditional polish or any gel polish, with no gel. It's a weird feeling, but much less time consuming. I will still use gel to repair, if needed. My fingernails also have no gel on them anymore; as of last weekend, I am now wearing only gel polish. However, since I am still a very busy nail tech, and use removal products on my clients, I usually double top-coat, and use either Gelish, GelColor, or Axxium (they are stronger than Shellac, and Shellac's top-coat is acetone-permeable, so that's out). JB is on her first round of Smoothing gel under her Shellac & artwork. I just did that Tuesday, so we'll see how they're holding at her next appt... but so far, so good!

* I have tried the Vinylux on a few other people, and it's really a crap-shoot... Works great on some, but not so well on others. I have *one* client (the weekly traditional mani client I told you about in my last blog post) who still loves it, but it may be the color she chose -- Grapefruit Sparkle. Glitters & sheers dry faster, imo, than cremes... plus, it's easier to hide any minor imperfections. Cremes are unforgiving. I think these are best used on toes, as a Shellac match, but unless the client requests otherwise, I'll be using them with traditional base coat.

* Some new collections have also been released: OPI's had Mariah Carey and San Francisco. I'm patiently awaiting my San Fran GelColor pre-orders... I have on order: "Peace & Love & OPI", "Dining Al-Frisco", "Muir Muir On The Wall", and I own the Liquid Sands in "Alcatraz... ROCKS!" and "Wharf! Wharf! Wharf!". From Mariah's collection, I will be ordering three Liquid Sands, two regular polishes, and at least four GelColors. CND came out with their "Forbidden" collection; the only one of those I didn't buy was "Dark Dahlia", but after seeing some swatches, I think I may buy it. Gelish also has some new holiday colors coming out, so I'll be picking up a few of those, as well. Looks like I'll need to do some more swatching soon...

* MY STUDIO's REMODEL IS FINALLY DONE!! If you start at this pic, you get the idea. Three things are still in the works, but I have no idea on their timelines... (1) Hubs found a wooden sign carver/designer/painter, and for my birthday (which was in June), he was going to have a new ARTISTRY sign made for my door. Then, we had our motorcycle accident, so that is on hold. (2) The storage cabinet behind my desk needs to go; I have plans/sketches for a new (better) one, but until hubs is healed & had time, that, too, will have to wait. (3) I am on the hunt for another sheet of those flip flop wall decals. I got those at Michael's but the last few times I've gone back, they don't have them. And, they're a specialty item, so I can't just order them.

* Last thing - Since it's a new season, my hours of availability have, once again, changed. All of my standing clients have scheduled through December, leaving me with a couple spots for random clients, and every other Friday open. I would love to get one or two new standings for those Fridays. If you are local, and wish to get into a regular nail maintenance routine with me, PM me on my work page and we'll figure out what time works best.

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