Thursday, March 2, 2017

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON... and two annoyances.

I have some big business news coming... but in the meantime, an small announcement -- I'm finally getting a website! I've been working with a designer who also does security for the last couple months and we're getting close. Once I have my domain name and hosting site paid for, I'll announce the link. We're going to have a countdown on it! :) Anyway, stay tuned...

OH, while I'm here, can I bitch for a minute? Two things:

(1) Nail Shapes -- Seems I need to repeat myself. Just because it's LONG doesn't mean it's a STILETTO! I have a Nail Shape album on my FB page that is very specific about what shapes are properly called. And, if you want a longer &/or special shaped nail, be prepared to PAY EXTRA FOR IT! Any good tech worth his/her salt will charge you extra... as they should! Quit being cheap.

(2) Holo & Chrome -- I see a lot of so-called "professional" nail techs using these terms interchangeably. That is wrong. These are DIFFERENT things. Holo (aka: Holographic, Hologram, or Unicorn) powders (also called Pigments) are super-fine and make a rainbow effect on top of gel polish or polish, while Chromes are super-shiny, available in different colors (some are even MIRROR-like in finish -- think a chrome bumper -- or reflect two or even three colors). As of right now, I have a Holo from (yes, they call their original one "chrome holo - Holy Chrome", but that isn't an accurate descriptor), plus Gold Mirror Chrome, Titanium Chrome, Silver Mirror Chrome, and three of Cordoza's tri-colored Chromes... and plans for two or three more, once she has the spa line I asked for available. :)

Holo on the right side for an example; over five different blue gel polishes:

And this is Chrome (rose gold from Wildflowers, to be exact):

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