Thursday, March 16, 2017

LAST POST -- I'm Moving!!

So, my first announcement -- As of May 2nd, I am moving to Bella Fiore Day Spa (2225 NE Cornell Rd, Hillsboro, 97124). Same email, same cell number, same FaceBook to reach me... but my drive goes from 45m-1hr down to 12-15m. No more rush hour worries, so eventually I'll want to work more hours, but for now, my schedule will be Tues (2p-7p), and Wed-Sat (9a-3p). I'm very excited about this move and look forward to building my clientelle up closer to home.

Second announcement -- This is my last blog post on Blogger. My website will go live April 30th, 2017 and I will be blogging directly on there from here on out. (Don't worry; all posts here will remain.) My website has Gallery photos, blog posts, service menu, and more! My friend Chris is putting it together for me and I'm very happy with his knowledge & attention to detail so far (and we're not even live yet!).

Anyway, hope you stick with me, and follow me over...

Thursday, March 2, 2017

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON... and two annoyances.

I have some big business news coming... but in the meantime, an small announcement -- I'm finally getting a website! I've been working with a designer who also does security for the last couple months and we're getting close. Once I have my domain name and hosting site paid for, I'll announce the link. We're going to have a countdown on it! :) Anyway, stay tuned...

OH, while I'm here, can I bitch for a minute? Two things:

(1) Nail Shapes -- Seems I need to repeat myself. Just because it's LONG doesn't mean it's a STILETTO! I have a Nail Shape album on my FB page that is very specific about what shapes are properly called. And, if you want a longer &/or special shaped nail, be prepared to PAY EXTRA FOR IT! Any good tech worth his/her salt will charge you extra... as they should! Quit being cheap.

(2) Holo & Chrome -- I see a lot of so-called "professional" nail techs using these terms interchangeably. That is wrong. These are DIFFERENT things. Holo (aka: Holographic, Hologram, or Unicorn) powders (also called Pigments) are super-fine and make a rainbow effect on top of gel polish or polish, while Chromes are super-shiny, available in different colors (some are even MIRROR-like in finish -- think a chrome bumper -- or reflect two or even three colors). As of right now, I have a Holo from (yes, they call their original one "chrome holo - Holy Chrome", but that isn't an accurate descriptor), plus Gold Mirror Chrome, Titanium Chrome, Silver Mirror Chrome, and three of Cordoza's tri-colored Chromes... and plans for two or three more, once she has the spa line I asked for available. :)

Holo on the right side for an example; over five different blue gel polishes:

And this is Chrome (rose gold from Wildflowers, to be exact):

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Medical Leave

I know I don't update this blog very often, but I did have a reminder to my current & potential clients: I had surgery November 23rd and am on medical leave until December 15th (although I may return early). When I get back, I will have some new nail goodies to use on you and I currently have quite a few openings through the end of the year. If you want to keep tabs on my availability, see photos, and get nail-related updates & articles, feel free to "like" my FaceBook page, /artistryofthenailsalon. I post weekly availability every Monday at 10am and adjust/update once or twice each week as needed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Dear CND,

While I love the ability to do my CND SHELLAC re-CERTIFICATION online, I have a couple complaints.
* First, when sending out the email letting me know I could do it online, a breakdown/list of what will be required, tools to have on-hand, and an estimate of how much time is required would be fabulous. I did not know I would need to do a one-color application, a French application, and a removal; those things would have made it easier to accomplish in one sitting (although, I do appreciate that the system saves your work for up to three months).
* Second, do I or do I not get a new certificate with the new certification date on it? It has been over two weeks and I haven't gotten anything except a congratulatory email. If you're not sending out new certificates, can I at least get a sticker with the new date on it so I can update my framed certificate (& my clients can ooohhh and ahhhhh over it :) )?

Those things being said, I reiterate my appreciation that I can do this online, on my own time, and not have to wait for my local CND Educator (Tanya Sisson, btw) to have the time to do so in-salon. I also love that CND Shellac recertification retains my online "locator" on as well as the little gifts you send out occasionally.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Replacements, Round Two

To follow up on this post from the end of March, I've made some progress...

1. Scrub - I have *not* found a replacement, yet. But I have two medium-sized jars (I think they're 15oz?) of the CND one I like, so I have time to find a replacement before they're gone.
2. Lotion - A client of mine brought me doTerra samples a week ago. I put three drops of Lemon into about two shot glasses worth of the Body Drench lotion and it smells exactly like real lemons. I love the consistency of the lotion, but not the original scent, so I think this will do nicely! She added my lemon to her May order, so I should have it soon.
3. Cuticle Eliminator - I bought the Be Natural one (just the 2oz, though) and as soon as I run out of Cuticle Away, I will switch. If I like it, I'll keep it.
4. Remover - I did a test on all my clients for one week (including the one with sensitivities) using only Artistic's remover... no issues, so I bought a 32oz bottle, and will use that on those clients that don't like or can't use OPI's.
5. Nail Prep - I did the same one week test using Artistic's "Cleanse" instead of CND's Scrub Fresh, and it was fine. The smell was a little chlorine-like, but not enough to bother anyone. That will also be my replacement once I run out of Scrub Fresh.
6. Buffers - I bought five SAND TURTLES, and once all my Boomerangs are gone, I'll test those out. If they work, great (I can buy them in bulk). If they don't, Purifiles has half-size disposables I'll just buy in a bag.
7. Sanitizer - I'm almost out of Cool Blue, and did buy Swiss Guard. It's almost the exact same thing, so that'll work.

Still no confirmation on the bulb/lamp support; I'll report back when/if I get any...

Also, for those interested, I do have some CND stuff (brand new, never used, unopened) for sale -- lotions, cuticle oil, Cucumber Heel Therapy, and more. If you would like to take a look, see the album here, and PM me on Facebook. I have a PayPal account you can send payment to.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Ugh... More Misinformation, and my corrections!

If you see this article going around on your social media pages, please link this blog post/response... More misinformation being spread on the interwebs!

Ok, let me address each issue in order of appearance in the video:
1. Gel polish is not "healthier" than acrylic nails (or traditional gel nails or soak off gel nails, for that matter). They are all different products, which achieve different results. Please let me remind you (again) that products do not ruin your nails (unless you're allergic/sensitive and continue to use them), improper application, removal, and care for them *do*.
2. CND Shellac was *not* the "first brand of gel nail polish"... Gelish actually came first; it just wasn't marketed like CND Shellac was.
3. CND Shellac is not "the best", but I will agree that it is the fastest/easiest to soak off. HOWEVER, it does not have the same staying power as other brands of gel polish. It has a bend to it that other brands do not have; some people like that, some do not.
4. In the video at the 1m mark, you'll see the tech applying CND Shellac base coat (as they're talking about mixing products and it not lasting; side note -- layering different gel polishes is not why it didn't last on that woman... My guess? Her nails weren't properly prepped, the tech didn't cap her free edges on every layer, she didn't use her cuticle oil, and/or she picked at them)... He is applying that base coat WAY TOO THICK! CND Shellac base coat (& most others) don't need that much; just a thin layer!
5. He's partially right about proper lamp usage (although the reporter keeps saying "light"... she should be using the term "lamp"). You *should* make sure your tech is using the same brand of lamp as product, however, as long as it's a good quality lamp, the lamp is the correct UV wavelength for the product you're using, and you cure for the right amount of time for the product, it *should* cure (he says, "dry", but proper terminology is "cure") fine. If it doesn't, either the bulbs need to be switched out (UV bulbs lose power over time), the bulbs are not putting out the proper wavelength for your products, or the lamp being used is crap.
6. The reporter is also wrong about CND Shellac soak off time. She says, "... if it takes any longer than 5m to soak off..." While CND does sell a 5m soak off top coat for their Shellac, they also sell their original one. If your tech used the original one (some techs like the old formula better), you're still going to have an 8-12m soak off.
7. I have not tried using CND Shellac's base coat & top coat with other gel polish brands' colors, but I have used other brands' top & base coats with CND Shellac colors... The most successful one was Gelish, although Artistic Nail Design works well, too. Yes, the soak off is a few more minutes, but the staying power is SO MUCH BETTER!!!

And now, a few more from the actual article:
1. No, no two gel polishes are "the same", but most are fairly similar... Similar enough that you can, fairly successfully, layer (I don't use the term "mix" because technically, you're not) different brands. As long as each layer is properly cured, you shouldn't have any issues doing so.
2. Soak off for CND Shellac is not "five times faster"... it's 5m-12m, depending on which top coat your tech used (provided they actually used a real gel polish; this isn't taking into consideration the many many "techs" -- I use the word lightly -- who mix, literally, their own products and call it "shellac"; it's not).
3. CND Shellac is actually *not* the "most shiny"... I've tried multiple brands, and have actually found that HIGH SHINE, by Elegant Glass Nails, is the most shiny top coat (it actually doubles as a base coat, too) I've tried.
4. Yes, Shellac is more expensive -- 1/4oz bottle costs us pros $15.95. OPI's GelColor, by comparison, is $17.95 for 1/2oz. But, the cost of each product is not a reason we aren't correcting you. The reason we techs don't usually "correct" you when you say SHELLAC is because we've been yelled at too many times by clients/potential clients when they're making an appointment (because, obviously, that chop shop you went to before knows everything, and even though you're calling *me*, I don't know anything... sarcasm). It's easier to wait until you're actually *in* the salon, then explain some of the differences.
5. OPI's GelColor *used* to be easier to match with regular polish shades, because they made their GelColor in matching shades... CND got hip to this, and made Vinylux in shades matching their Shellac.
6. OPI GelColor actually has over 150 shades. CND Shellac currently has 96 shades in their collection (at least, according to their website). Artistic Nail Design's Colour Gloss has close to 150 shades. Gelish has close to 200. So, I'm not sure where he got the "...dozens of color options..." (talking about OPI) crap from.
7. Dehydration from acetone is temporary, and harmless! It evaporates too fast for any damage to occur, and your tech shouldn't be using that much anyway. Pure acetone is fastest to use for removal, but a lot of companies make removers with hydrating ingredients for less drying. Either is perfectly safe to use.
8. Um... didn't he specifically say NOT to "mix" earlier in the article, and now he's saying it's okay to do so? (I want a raised eyebrow emoji.)
9. Yes, the bottles are different. OPI GelColor bottles, are not just "darker", however; they are actually black... all of them. No sticker label, but they should have a plastic shrink wrapping with the color & name on the lid. The Gelish bottles are white, round, and have a pretty swirl design on the front, along with a little see-through window. Artistic bottles are also black, but shaped like Gelish bottles, with a swath of color near the top of the bottle (not the handle). (I actually have pics of all of these on my FB work page, if you're interested...)
10. "...the tech may be using the wrong light." -- Um, you mean lamp, and not "wrong" so much as "cheap & not the correct UV wavelength for the product".
11. The gel top coat I used to use when I did L&P (liquid & powder is the technically proper term for acrylic nails, since traditional gel is also an acrylate), was the same as I used to seal hard gels, so of course I used the same lamp... As I've repeated multiple times now, as long as your WAVELENGTH is correct for the product you're using, it doesn't matter which brand's lamp you use. Cheapy UV lamps bought on EBay aren't going to cut it.

All of this being said (and sorry, not sorry, that it's long... I actually CARE about getting the correct information out there, not using scare tactics like media outlets do these days), please please please do your own research. If you have questions, ask. I, personally, have taken multiple CND classes (I am not only a certified Grand Master, I am also CND Shellac certified), OPI classes, Artistic Nail Design/Colour Gloss classes, and more. If you don't know if your tech is doing it correctly, call the hotlines to the companies directly. Call your state's cosmetology board and ask THEM questions! Don't just blindly accept what the "news" and some techs tell you. Happy nailing!

Thursday, April 7, 2016



I have gone through all my stuff and these are what I currently have up for sale ---

CND, OPI, Cuccio, Artistic Nail Design, PediSlippers... lotions, cuticle oil, body butters, files, buffers, mini sizes, at home care kits, gel polish removal kits, foot files, gel systems, gel polish, and more!!! Check out the photos & pricing, and send me a PM if you're interested. Free shipping within the US.