Thursday, March 31, 2016


To continue on from my last post, I'm starting to look into products from other companies that, in my opinion, better support the Pro nail tech, and looking to replace most of my items that are currently CND brand. In looking through my products (wall racks, retail cabinet, drawers, and closet), I figure I need viable options to replace the following --

1. CND Manicure Citrus Scrub: I'm looking at Cuccio, Qtica, does Footlogix have one (?), and a couple other brands to see if I can find a suitable replacement. My biggest issue is that many scrubs are either sugar or salt; sugar makes for a sweeter and stickier scrub than I want, and salt can be an issue for anyone with any micro cut (which, no matter how many time I tell them not to, people still shave *the day of* their pedi... don't do THAT!). If you have a good recommendation, let me know.

2. CND Hydrating lotion, Citrus: same scent as the scrub... I need to stay in the citrus scent lines, btw; anything else would trigger my husband's migraines (and would turn off not only myself but also my male clients). I like (so far) Body Drench unscented (which I could add cheap essential oil to), Hempz Goji Orange Lemonade (but it's a bit strong for some clients), a lemon one I got from JoAnn Fabrics, and a couple OPI ones.

3. CND Cuticle Away: This is a great softener/eliminator for real cuticle (not to be confused with pterygium, or even worse, hyponychium), but I want a different brand. I'd like to try Be Natural's and Blue Cross. I've use BC in the past; it's watery, but works well... I'd have to get a dropper bottle for it, if that's what I replace CA with. Again, recommendations would be lovely!

4. CND Shellac Remover: I found a good replacement... I'd been using OPI's Expert Touch, too, but for those clients that are sensitive to something in it, I was using CND's. Seems Artistic Nail Design's Remover works just as well. It's about $5 more for the 32 oz, but as rarely as I use it, that's ok.

5. CND Scrub Fresh: Artistic Nail Design's Cleanse is a great replacement here, too, although the smell is a little "chlorine", it's only noticeable up close (and you shouldn't be smelling it like that, anyway!). Pricing for the 32 oz is $2 cheaper, so that makes me happy.

6. CND's Boomerang buffers: Artistic has two different grits for their buffers, and they are also "spray sanitizable", but within Oregon's rules & regs, need to be disinfectible as well (people use these terms interchangeably, but there's a huge difference). This is also important to me when I'm spending the money on them that I do. They don't have the same grit choice (CND's are 180/180, whereas my choices in Artistic are 100/180 or 220/280... and they're 68c more each). Hmmm....

7. CND Cool Blue hand sanitizer: I'm thinking that OPI's Swiss Guard can be my replacement, but am open to other ideas.

Please note, as well -- I was told (but have yet to confirm) that CND will no longer be supporting their Shellac UV lamp (including not making the bulbs anymore). I have two clients I still use my CND lamp on (and I still have a new pack of bulbs, so I'm okay for a while); Shellac pedicure clients who don't like the LED lamp I have (yes, 60s in my OPI LED lamp works fine) for their feet (weird angle, I guess? I don't know; no one else has issues/complaints), but if this is true, they're just going to have to get used to the other one.

This all said, please comment if you have suggestions/recommendations for me about those items listed. Also, looking to sell some miscellaneous nail items. I'll put up a link/pics here this weekend if they don't sell on the FaceBook pages I currently have them listed on.

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