Friday, February 24, 2012

Misinformation & The Uneducated...


Today's post is not aimed at any one particular blogger, but at the beauty industry bloggers, in general. I'm an avid reader, and a stickler for grammar, spelling, & internet etiquette. I am *not* perfect, nor have I ever claimed to be, but I am educated and know how to use spell-check as well as read over my blogs before I post them. I *really* wish others cared more about how they come across.

I also am a long-time nail tech, and as such, I really do know what I'm talking about. If a "polish blogger" is reviewing a polish, great. That blog is about how the specific product they're reviewing worked or didn't work for them. Most that I've read are receptive to comments from a nail pro.

If a "beauty blogger" is going to a salon & having a specific service done, then they write an article about it, it drives me close to insane when they try to compare it to other products and have no clue what they're talking about. (No, Shellac is NOT "the same as" Gelish, or Gelicure, or GelColor, or any of the multitude of other gel/polishes! No, acetone does NOT ruin your nails. There are more, but I'll spare you.)

But, apparently *I'm* not supposed to speak up to correct their errors (nicely, of course; this goes back to the etiquette thing). So, let me tell you something: It is dangerous for anyone who is not FULLY educated on a specific subject to claim to know all about it. These bloggers are misleading the public; possibly to the point of serious damage.

I do not claim to know everything about nails; I still, after 8 years in the industry, have a lot to learn. This is part of the reason why I actively network with other nail techs and other people "in the biz". But, after 8 years, I do know A LOT; I especially know a lot about the products I actively use!

I don't care how often someone goes to the salon; multiple visits does not make you a beauty professional. You do not have the knowledge about products that I, and other techs, do. Please don't pretend you do, then spout off your MISinformation. If a person truly loves this industry, as I do, you'll start asking the real professionals for advice & assistance every chance you get. The majority of us are willing & able to help you!

** Side note -- While I'm at it, I'm also very irritated at those on certain beauty industry pages (websites, as well as FB pages) who complain about products, then don't pay attention or dismiss beauty PRO's help & corrections. Stop it. If you do your research, you won't have these problems anymore.

**RANT OVER! I now return you to my regularly scheduled blogs.**

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