Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Are You "intuit" or just a "Square"?

The "Square" (http://www.squareup.com/) was the first to come up with an easy way to take credit card payments from your smartphone. Then came "Salon Swipe" (http://www.salonswipe.com/), with cheaper fees. And, now there is Intuit's "Go Payment" version (http://www.intuit.com/), which is even cheaper.

As you know, I have been contemplating getting one of these devices. The basic gist is:
1. Free app you download onto your smartphone.
2. Free card reader.
3. Small per-swipe percentage paid.
4. Slightly higher percentage paid if you have to manually enter the card for any reason.
5. MUCH cheaper than having a standard credit card machine (percentages are smaller, and for at least two of these, there is no monthly fee for anything).

Since one of my goals this year is to up my retail from practically non-existent, to an actual money maker, I know one of these swipers would be beneficial. But, which one?

I work 30 or less hours per week, and last year, my gross reciepts were close to $10,000 (that's less than $1,000/month). I know Intuit's version charges a monthly fee is you do more than $1000/month... but I also know that isn't happening any time soon.

So, I'm asking my readers if any of you have any experience (on either side of the salon chair); which is the best option for someone like me?

Got an email from the local rep -- she misquoted the rates. They are:
The plan is an either/or. Choose EITHER:

$12.95/mon – No minimum charge

1.7% on qualifying charges (swiping the card); 2.7% on mid-qualifying charges (keying in the number); 3.7% on non-qualifying (corporate/government cards)

$.27 per transaction on qualifying and mid-qual charges; $.34 per transaction on non-qual charges


$0.00/mon – No minimum charge

2.7% on qualifying charges (swiping the card); 3.7% on mid-qualifying charges (keying in the number); 3.7% on non-qualifying (corporate/government cards)

I would, obviously, fall under the second case. I'm not sure how many of my co-workers are signing up, but I think it's at least most of us, if not all.

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