Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Schedule Changes

My days & times of availability have always changed every season, depending on my family's needs. My clients get that. However, I recently figured out that I was not getting my quality time with my husband, not feeling well-rested after my "weekend", and having a hard time fitting in doc appointments so as to not interfere too much with my regular working hours.

So, I had a long talk with my husband, and decided that I would increase my Saturday by two more hours, stop working Mondays, and increase my Tuesday hours. As of February 2nd, I changed my schedule. My new current schedule is:
Tues -- noon - 8p
Wed - Fri -- 9a - 3p
Sat -- 9a - 2p

I'm hoping, with the exception of our family's summer vacation, that this will be my permanent schedule... at least until Football season starts! I've already got about 10 or 12 clients that have booked out all their appts through August, to make sure they get "their spot" (subject to change for vaca, sick, etc). Hoping to get the rest of my regulars on board soon!

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