Friday, March 8, 2013

Testing... Testing...

About a month ago, I was contacted by a friend of mine, CR, who is an OPI-lover to the MAX!!! She doesn't work for them, but over the years as a cosmetologist, has gotten to know some of the people who do. The email message from her to me (& another nail tech friend of ours, HBG), read, "How much do girls love me???? OPI contacted me about doing some in-salon testing on not-yet-released GelColor products and asked if I had some close, trusted nailtech friends that I could provide them with.... and I sent them your two names! So we all get to try out new stuff!!! Here's the official letter from OPI, along with an online form we all have to fill out. DO YOU LOVE ME NOW??!!?!? I have to copy and paste, so this will be in two messages. xoxo" then "Hello! Thank you for your interest in our new GelColor product. We are so excited to have you and/or your salon on board to help introduce the latest addition to our GelColor line to the world! To confirm that you are willing to take part in this initiative, please follow the link below and provide us with information about your salon (so that we can have it on file officially). GelColor Salon Outreach Form: *deleted this link for privacy* Once you submit the completed form, we will contact you via the email address you provided with further information about the products you'll be receiving, a rough timeline for when you can expect them to arrive, and a consent form you will need to complete. If for any reason you need to get in touch with us, please email *********** at ************. Thank you again for being a champion of the OPI brand. All the best, The OPI Team, OPI GelColor Salon Outreach."

About a week later, I had a confirmation email with information regarding all the details. Wednesday afternoon, I received a small box. In it was the OPI OZ Collection GelColors in "I Theodora You", "When Monkeys Fly", "Lights of Emerald City", and "Which Is Witch?" with additional notes, info cards, removal instructions, etc. Now, what's interesting here is that most of us were under the impression that OPI wasn't going to release any chunky glitters in GelColor (keeping them only in their Axxium Soak Off Gel line) due to suspension base issues... if that were true, that means (hopefully) that they've figured out the problem and corrected it; and that we can (hopefully) expect more chunky glitters in GelColor in the future. Regardless, my instructions are to play with these, layer them with each other & other OPI products, and post pics all over social media.

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