Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Incorrect Article...

Take a look at this article, then disregard about a third of it... Seriously?!?! Who writes this stuff? Obviously not a nail tech! Ok, point by point, let's go through this:

1. This one is correct, if you use a nail polish remover without hydrating oils in them... Hydrating polish removers are great for removing polish, but not so great for prepping your nails to apply it. You're better off, however, using a nail prep product. There are plenty out there; my favorite is CND's Scrub Fresh. However, the cheapest/easiest one for DIYers is, in my opinion, simple 70% isopropyl alcohol.
2. I don't like the way this one's worded. Many people either overdo it with the buffer, or don't use one at all. Overdoing it can seriously thin out your nail (you're not actually buffing off ridges; long complicated explanation short - you don't have ridges, you actually have thinner grooves, and by buffing too agressively, are buffing your nails down to match those grooves, making your nail plate thinner & weaker). If you don't buff at all, your product could chip earlier. What you should be doing is buffing (or very lightly filing - with a 240g or higher file or buffer) any peeling nail, and the free edge to remove loose nail bits. This, done BEFORE using a nail prep, will really help.
3. Yes, thin coats are best.
4. Yes, glitter lasts longer than creams.
5. Yes, use a top coat (except with those rare polishes that don't require one, like the textured polishes). This article also says to apply it while your polish is still wet. For the most part, this is true, but again, there are exceptions.
6. Yes, nail hardener... make sure you apply at least one FULL day later, though. Your polish must be completely dry; the solvents in polish need a full 24h to do this (except quick-dries, like CND's Vinylux).
7. Yes, wear gloves; protect those nails!

ALSO -- USE BASE COAT (not sure why this isn't mentioned in this article; again, there are some exceptions, like CND's Vinylux).

This article fails to mention the use of cuticle oil. I cannot emphasize this one enough; use it use it use it! And, keep lotions OFF your nails.

For even more good information, read my other blog post about this stuff - HERE.

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