Sunday, November 2, 2014

How & When To Use What

When I come across articles that seem like they'll have good advice in business, I read them. Then, I decide if it's good advice or not, but this article is way too generalized for it to apply properly to all people. So, let me rewrite for you, specifically to fit me (and probably a lot of others in the beauty industry):

1) If you want a response from me within 30m -- text me. Unless it's during traditional sleeping times, my phone is on & on me 95% of the time. It serves as both my professional phone as well as my personal phone, and texting takes less time/energy/effort out of me than talking &/or emailing you back.

2) If you want a response from me within 2h -- text is still appropriate, as is calling. Unless it's a business call after hours, I usually get back to people who leave a voicemail or text asap.

3) If you want a response from me sometime today -- text, call, or PM on FaceBook. While I don't have Messenger on my cell, I do have it on my tablet, and my laptop doesn't require it to respond.

4) If you want a response from me a day later or more -- email. I check my emails every morning, and can most easily respond on the laptop. I *do* have both email addresses set up to notify on my phone & my tablet, but unless only a quick response is needed, I prefer the real keyboard on the laptop.

5) This isn't mentioned, so I will do so here: Your beauty professional needs their day(s) off. If you know they don't work on a certain day (for me, that is Sundays & Monday, plus major holidays -- although I will return messages on Mondays), there is no need to disturb them. There is also no need to text/email/call late at night or super early in the morning (unless you have an emergency & need to cancel or something). A *lot* of people (beauty professionals, included) keep their phones on in the middle of the night for true emergencies; don't disturb them because *you* happen to be up at 2am.

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