Friday, April 24, 2015

CND's Rescue Rxx - review

You can see the transition pics on my FB page (here) if you're interested...

Let me start out by saying that from a scientific standpoint, nothing you do topically will help your nails permanently. However, Rescue Rxx is meant to soak into your nails, which are porous, so I went into this experiment with open eyes.

Personal nail history: Ever since I can remember, I've had paper-thin, weak, nails that peel from the free edge. I've tried drinking gelatin, taking specific vitamins, using different nail treatments, etc. It was only when I first put L&P (liquid & powder; proper term for "acrylics") on at the age of 16y that I got any relief. For the most part, I've had some sort of enhancement on ever since (only removing to switch products, try something new, or for a class).

Day one: I took off my gel enhancements, careful to use a smaller & smaller grit file then switched to a buffer to remove everything without causing any damage (product is not what ruins your nails; improper removal is). I trimmed & filed them short, used a scrub product, washed my hands really well, and applied my first CND Rescue Rxx treatment. That evening before bed, I applied my second treatment.

Over the course of the next two weeks, I had to trim them a few times as a few of my edges caught & tore, and I applied Rescue twice every day (once in the morning, once at night). At one week in, I was getting frustrated because I wasn't really seeing any improvement. Keep in mind, though, my nails did *not* have any white spots nor peeling (as the bottle clearly states it is for), but being a combo cuticle oil & keratin treatment, I was hoping for some noticeable improvement in strength, too. Anyway, it was then that I posted in a couple of my PRO NAIL TECH groups; curious if anyone else had tried it & what were their experiences.

P.P. said that she is a picker (she knows that's naughty), but she tried it after peeling off her last set of gel polish and saw HUGE improvement at three days! She also bought a bottle for her mom, but I have no idea what her results were... K.L. said she saw improvement after three applications. L.M. - who is a CND EA - chimed in with the details on how to use it (which I already knew, but was nice to get confirmation that I was using it correctly).

Day fifteen: After fourteen days of twice-daily application, I noticed three new things. (1) The tips of my fingernails not only had no peeling, but they were no longer jagged & catching on stuff (although they are still too weak to have any longer than 1mm to 2mm of free edge), (2) My natural nails are shiny and fairly smooth without doing anything extra to them, and (3) My middle fingernail, damaged years ago from slamming it in a car door, seems to be rounding itself off (the correct shape; it's been angled since the incident).

I won't say it doesn't work, but I will say I was probably not the right client to test it on. If you have white spots & peeling, and don't wear product on your nails, this *IS* the treatment for you. If you want to wear product on your nails, try IBX (that is one of my next experiments). Stay tuned!

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