Thursday, April 9, 2015

It's Guinea Pig Time!

Over the weekend, I removed the hard gel from my right hand's nails. Wednesday, I bought CND's Rescue Rxx. This is different from IBX, already on the market, in that RR is meant to apply on your bare nail, twice a day. IBX is intended for use on bare nail, or under any product or enhancement, and needs a small heat source. I have left my right hand's nails completely bare (a difficult enough experience for me... lol), and started applying RR yesterday.
As of this posting, I have applied it three times. I am also taking pics, which I will post, along with my review, when I've completed a full two-week trial. If it does as it says, I will be offering it retail in mini bottles (as I don't think most people need a standard 1/2oz size bottle).
I may also purchase & try IBX (as long as it's not too expensive, or I can get a trial size), and if I do so, I will post my results from that, as well.
Also on the way is five colors (plus top & base) of LeChat brand "Mood" gel polishes. I had one of my local nail sisters give me a pedi the other day (which was AWESOME!) and she used one called "Sparkling Mist" (goes from glittery teal to glittery dark blue; you can see it on my FaceBook page). I decided I liked it enough to get a few shades to try. I will post my thoughts on those once they come in and I get a chance to use them.

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