Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Almost Done

One trip to Ikea, multiple trips to Home Depot, some internet purchases, three days of painting, two days of furniture building... I'm almost done. I know, it's the 1st. I was supposed to be done already. I blame my daughter. Yes, seriously. She insisted I wait until she could help me paint. That put my schedule back a full week, because she went on a trip with my mother & her best friend. When she got back, I had everything ready to go. So, here it is -- I only have to move all the wall hang stuff (polish/racks, certificates, misc decorative items, etc) then patch/paint the holes in my old room. But, I don't have the free time available this week. So, looks like I'll most likely be ready for clients in there when I get back from vacation -- July 14th (I'd be ready the 8th, but that's the first day of my vacation). If you haven't yet, and you want to see pics, go to my business page on FB (here) and follow along with my progress!

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