Thursday, March 3, 2016

Nail Shapes

I have, more and more, come across photos where people (techs and consumers, alike) are misidentifying nail shapes. I know; there are a LOT of them.
Short list (seen fairly regularly) --
1. Round
2. Square
3. Squoval (or square oval)
4. Oval
5. Almond
6. Ballerina Slipper
7. Coffin

Longer list (less often seen in the real world) --
1. Stiletto
2. Marilyn
3. Pipe
4. Edge

I know there are more, but generally speaking, these are the norm in my world.
* I can see how round & oval get mixed up... but they should be true to real-world shaping (round are ROUNDED, like half a circle; oval are ELONGATED, like a true oval).
* Square and squoval get mixed up... squares are truly squared-off; straight across the top, and straight down the sidewalls. Squovals are slightly rounded off (it is normal to have your square nails turn into squovals by your next appointment).
* Oval and almond sometimes are confused... they are very similar, but almonds are more pointed (but not necessarily sharp). They literally look like an almond nut, usually done with a softened tip so as to not scratch people.
* Ballerina slipper and coffin are used interchangeably... but are NOT the same! Think about pointe shoes older ballerinas wear; flat toe, but slightly rounded & tapered edge; the ballerina slipper nail is the same. Coffin nail edges are much more defined; flat tip, angled edges, definitive lines (see photo below of actual coffins to get an idea).
* Stilettos and almonds also get mixed up... This bugs me more than other nail shape mix-ups. Stiletto nails are just like the shoe they were named after -- long, thin, tapered, point at the tip.

PLEASE GO TO MY BUSINESS PAGE, IN THE "NAIL SHAPE" ALBUM, TO FIND REAL EXAMPLES OF SOME PROPER NAIL SHAPES (I haven't found good examples of them all yet, but I will; keep checking back)... and use them the next time you go to the salon!

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