Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Dear CND,

While I love the ability to do my CND SHELLAC re-CERTIFICATION online, I have a couple complaints.
* First, when sending out the email letting me know I could do it online, a breakdown/list of what will be required, tools to have on-hand, and an estimate of how much time is required would be fabulous. I did not know I would need to do a one-color application, a French application, and a removal; those things would have made it easier to accomplish in one sitting (although, I do appreciate that the system saves your work for up to three months).
* Second, do I or do I not get a new certificate with the new certification date on it? It has been over two weeks and I haven't gotten anything except a congratulatory email. If you're not sending out new certificates, can I at least get a sticker with the new date on it so I can update my framed certificate (& my clients can ooohhh and ahhhhh over it :) )?

Those things being said, I reiterate my appreciation that I can do this online, on my own time, and not have to wait for my local CND Educator (Tanya Sisson, btw) to have the time to do so in-salon. I also love that CND Shellac recertification retains my online "locator" on CND.com as well as the little gifts you send out occasionally.

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