Friday, May 13, 2016

Replacements, Round Two

To follow up on this post from the end of March, I've made some progress...

1. Scrub - I have *not* found a replacement, yet. But I have two medium-sized jars (I think they're 15oz?) of the CND one I like, so I have time to find a replacement before they're gone.
2. Lotion - A client of mine brought me doTerra samples a week ago. I put three drops of Lemon into about two shot glasses worth of the Body Drench lotion and it smells exactly like real lemons. I love the consistency of the lotion, but not the original scent, so I think this will do nicely! She added my lemon to her May order, so I should have it soon.
3. Cuticle Eliminator - I bought the Be Natural one (just the 2oz, though) and as soon as I run out of Cuticle Away, I will switch. If I like it, I'll keep it.
4. Remover - I did a test on all my clients for one week (including the one with sensitivities) using only Artistic's remover... no issues, so I bought a 32oz bottle, and will use that on those clients that don't like or can't use OPI's.
5. Nail Prep - I did the same one week test using Artistic's "Cleanse" instead of CND's Scrub Fresh, and it was fine. The smell was a little chlorine-like, but not enough to bother anyone. That will also be my replacement once I run out of Scrub Fresh.
6. Buffers - I bought five SAND TURTLES, and once all my Boomerangs are gone, I'll test those out. If they work, great (I can buy them in bulk). If they don't, Purifiles has half-size disposables I'll just buy in a bag.
7. Sanitizer - I'm almost out of Cool Blue, and did buy Swiss Guard. It's almost the exact same thing, so that'll work.

Still no confirmation on the bulb/lamp support; I'll report back when/if I get any...

Also, for those interested, I do have some CND stuff (brand new, never used, unopened) for sale -- lotions, cuticle oil, Cucumber Heel Therapy, and more. If you would like to take a look, see the album here, and PM me on Facebook. I have a PayPal account you can send payment to.

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