Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm Going To Be Famous

NAILS MAG posted last Wednesday, asking "If you're in Portland and want a visit from NAILS Magazine, leave us a comment below and let us know the name of your salon and why it's special. (Managing editor Sree will be at the Portland Marriott City Center in about a week and a half and would love to write an "On the Road" article about a salon near that location.)" I literally thought about it for a day (& asked my daughter her opinion) before I responded, "I am in SW Portland, right on the MAX line! Salon Shibumi on SW 18th, between Jefferson & Madison. Sree can PM me on here, or email me at I'd love to give her a pedi, or Shellac manicure!" After a few back-n-forth emails between Sree & myself, we agreed on a time & day (I had to move two clients, but totally worth it, and they didn't mind at all!). I will post an update as to which month I'll be featured in, but this can only do good things for me!

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  1. Because you're awesome, Miss CND Grand Master, you!!!