Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interview Update

I apologize for not getting to this sooner, but the last few days have been crazy-busy. Anyway, Sree got to my salon about 10m early; having ridden the MAX. I gave her a tour of the whole salon, and gave her a few bits of info about the ladies with whom I work. She took a few photos of things in my room (my new "garden", my framed certificates, my sign, my calendar, etc), asked a little about each thing (ie: I mentioned FRAMED ART STUDIOS, where my husband had my certificates framed by his HS friend, Brooke; hopefully, she gets a mention), and we got down to business. We talked about NSS (Non Standard Salons --- aka: "Chop Shops"), what I do & don't view as actual competition, my classes, shopping local, the area where I work, my co-workers, my salon owner, turnover within my salon, a little about my family, how I got started, and a few other things. One thing I made sure to talk about is my friendship with Tanya -- she started out as just my local CND Educator, but has become a good friend. I am taking over her clients one day (in two weeks) because she's out of town for three weeks (part business, part personal). The amount of trust -- in me, as well as my skill set as an (only) 8yr tech -- speaks VOLUMES, and I am grateful for the opportunity. Conversation was easy; she's very low-energy (in a good way). Her actual pedi only took about 45 minutes, but she ended up taking a few more photos after we were done; she was there about an hour and a half, total. She said as she was leaving that she was sorry she didn't get to meet the salon owner (Patti doesn't usually work Saturdays, but had planned on coming in that day... however, she wasn't scheduled 'til 11a), and let me know my article will be in the September (probably) issue. My friend, Erin, dedicated this song to me: PHAMOUS

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