Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In Case You Missed It...

Since I couldn't call in my report on the Willamette Valley Nail Event, I wrote this letter instead. They read it on-air: I’ve been a nail tech (although I prefer the term “nail stylist” or “nail artist”) for eight years, and have yet to go to an industry show or event. I just didn’t see the need, being that they are costly, out-of-state, events that would take me out of my chair for at least two profitable days (I am the epitome of “Small Business Owner”). The majority of them are still mostly about hair. Nails are still the “red-headed step-child” of the industry. Apparently, that’s all changing. When Kristen Dutcher (of Keizer, Oregon) decided that we needed something closer to home, just for Nail Professionals, she put her heart & soul into making it happen. She contacted a ton of distributors, and talked Keizer’s Renaissance Inn into giving us a discount on rooms, should we choose to stay over the night before. Instead of driving down Saturday & staying at the hotel, three of us rode down in style (thanks to Cindy Walston’s husband, Rod) – we had a Town Car take us. That was traveling in style; next year, though, we’re getting a couple more ladies, and taking a limo. There were 17 nail companies and 27 educators that descended upon the Mid-Valley of Oregon; some even came in early to do meet & greets, and host private classes (I didn’t participate in any of those). Big names were there – Linda Nordstrom (Famous Names), Carla Collier (we ALL know who she is), Classic Mully (Nubar, as well as a winner on the competitor’s circuit)… just to name a few. Everyone was friendly, even doing demos all day. There were goodie bags for the first 100 people (per the number on your ticket, there were actually 140 people in attendance) – consisting of a huge sampling of goodies from names like CND, Haken, Famous Names, Light Elegance, Masterworks (Amy Becker), Sparkles (omg… the GLITTER!), INM, and many more. The nail art competition was small, but winners included Lisa Tanner (1st place for Flat Art) and Shannon McCown (1st place for 3D). I don’t know what their prizes consisted of, but the artwork was amazing. I hope more entries are sent in next year. There were also many prizes given throughout the day, based on your bracelet number – a CND Shellac rack, many bits from Medicool, Soft Landings Towels, glitter from Sparkles, subscriptions to NAILS and NAILPRO magazines, Minx, glitter gels from Light Elegance, a Valentino Beauty Pure, and so much more. There were over $4500 worth of these prizes given away!! From a personal standpoint – I loved the selection of products, the friendliness of all the educators, the willingness of everyone to teach/talk/demo their products. I also loved that NOT ONE educator spoke ill of any other company. I *do* think the restaurant inside the hotel should offer a lunch special to all attendees. I brought a sling bag with snacks & water, but was hoping I wouldn’t need to get into it… I did, anyway. Kristen did a wonderful job putting this all together, and I look forward to more. Next year plans to be even bigger. All of this year’s vendors said they’d be back, and there are a few who weren’t able to attend this year that said they’d be there next year as well (hoping for OPI's presence). A second day of “Hands-On” classes will also be available. For more information, bookmark the website:, and send a friend request on Facebook to

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  1. I'm going next year-limo? Who's bringing the champagne? :)