Thursday, May 17, 2012

Time For Change

For those not aware, my husband & I are remodeling our bathroom. We're still in planning stages (almost done with that), but starting this project got me antsy at work. So, I decided (since I've been there 8 years and the only thing I've moved around is the stuff on the walls) to revamp my whole room. I don't have an exact set of dates yet, but I know it will be this summer; probably after the bathroom at home is done. Once I have everything bought, my plan is to take 4-5 days off. I will use the first day to take everything down off the walls & out of the room, then wash the walls, ceiling, & floors. The second day will be caulking/spackeling all the holes in the walls, then taping off & priming everything. The third day will be painting everything (depending on coverage I can get on day three, I may need day four for this). The fourth day (fifth, if more paint was needed) will be putting everything in its new place. Current plans include: {1} New lighting directly over the pedi bowl, {2} Move current lighting directly over mani area, {3} Paint picture rail & above (there's a one foot gap between the picture rail & the ceiling), plus ceiling, window frames, door, & door frame all white, {4} New chair (bought the Poang chair in Birch from IKEA, plus both the Alme natural and the Blomstermala multicolor cushions -- natural for Fall/Winter and multicolor for Spring/Summer), {5} Full coverage thin-nap rug or carpet tiles for under the pedi chair, {6} Paint walls pale yellow (I've narrowed down my choices to three), {7} New (handmade by husband & me) corner polish rack & nook-sized cabinet for behind my tech chair. There may be more... but that's all I can think of for now. Photos will be posted on my FB's work page, if you care to see the progress. Let the fun begin!

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