Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moving Along Nicely...

So, today, while my daughter was at the water park with her friend & her friend's family, my husband and I finished painting my new polish rack, then went over to Home Depot & Lowe's. I picked up two new drawer knobs (decided to hold off having hubs make a new storage cabinet for being my chair; for now, I'm just going to paint it white, to match the polish rack), push-in wall hangars, and two small sample cans of paint. I like this lamp for hanging over my pedi sink (goes with my framed CND certificates), and this rug for under my new pedi chair. Sometime this week, I will paint all four walls with sample swatches of the paint, so I can decide which I like best (so far, I'm leaning more towards "Moonlit Yellow", but "Lemon" is also in the running).

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