Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You May Proceed...

Ok, thanks to my, my husband's, and my daughter's efforts, my custom made corner polish rack is done! I have narrowed my paint choices to three; I think I like one best, but will still get little cans of the three and do paint swatches to make sure. I have my new pedi chair and both cushions (one for spring/summer, one for fall/winter) bought, but not put together. I have researched carpet tiles and found a company I can get some from, but it's not cheap. I had found a 4' square rubber-backed low-pile rug I was going to order, but I measured my pedi space today, and it's a bit smaller than that (and I don't want to cut a pre-made rug). So, my next step there is to check out the local carpet places & see if I can get the tiles, or maybe have a custom rug made, for cheaper than the catalog I have. I also need to see about a lamp I can hang (on an eye bolt or something) above my pedi bowl that has a really long cord, so I can have better lighting. Pretty sure those are the last bits I need to get done before I can shut down. Oh, and if you're a client of mine, I WILL be shutting down June 21st through June 25th for the makeover.

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