Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sometimes, Cheating Is Ok... Sometimes, It's Not

When you're in the beauty industry, things happen... Your regular clients occasionally need to go somewhere else to have their services done. For me, it's usually due to my client's schedule (work conflict, out of town, or lack of daycare are the three most common), not because of mine (although lately I have had less open appointments to accommodate last-minute clients). A few weeks ago, a client of mine, R, was leaving town for a weekend of fun with her friend, J. When she was finally able to make it back into my chair, I was prepping her for what I now call her "Diva" service (thanks, Tanya!). What do I see, but rings of fire! They weren't actually red, but there were very defined rings; ridged out of her natural nail. I semi-jokingly said, "What did you do?!?!" She goes, "I cheated... I'm sorry!" I told her next time she needs to cheat on me, that I have plenty of names for her of highly-qualified, certified by CND/OPI, nail techs I can send her to. GEEZ! Last tidbit:Here's a great, but long, article about MMA every person should read & understand.

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