Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm A Mad Scientist -- Part One

Experiment One -- Can I make glitter gel soak off?

Answer -- No.

Details -- Light Elegance Glitter Gels are meant to file off. In my quest to not damage anyone's natural nails, I decided that the one I had (got it in a SWAG BAG from the Willamette Valley Nail Event last April) needed to be applied over enhancements (gels, acrylic, etc). Then, I started to think, "I wonder if I layered it with soak off base & top coat, if it would actually soak off?" I had my friend, Jessica, come to the salon to test out my theory. I prepped, as if I was doing a regular gel polish manicure, then applied OPI's GelColor base coat, and cured as directed. I applied LE's Glitter Gel in "Peacock" (the only one I currently own) -- two layers, curing in between. I applied GelColor's top coat, and cured as directed. I wiped the dispersion layer, applied cuticle oil, reminded her of home care (she has Solar Oil at home), and sent her on her way. Fast forward to 15 days later. Grow-out was crazy (she looked like she had grown out about THREE weeks), and she had lost a couple of them... admitting to not using her cuticle oil as directed. :( I wrapped her in OPI's Remover Wraps, let them sit for 15m, then twisted & pulled, as I'm supposed to... nothing happened. GelColor, Shellac, and Gelish (the three polish versions I use of UV-cured color) all remove easily this way (Shellac is 10m or less), so I knew then that my experiment didn't work. I ended up gently filing the glitter gel off of the remainder of her nails, buffing them smooth, and applying cuticle oil to all ten nails. She was disappointed my experiment didn't work, but happy her nails were still in great condition (as they should be when a PROFESSIONAL nail tech - one who takes her job seriously - removes any product from your nails) and that she got almost two weeks of wear with a beautiful, glittery teal!

Why It Didn't Work -- All soak off gel colors are made with microscopic holes (like little tunnels) so that the acetone in any remover will be able to soak through; making it lift off the nail plate easily. LE's Glitter Gels do not have these "tunnels".

Future Use -- Over any enhancement or a full-coverage (glue-on) nail (like Prescriptions) used for a temporary "party" nail.

End Result --


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