Friday, September 14, 2012

Never Enough Time

As many of you know, I revamped my work space over the summer. I was basically shut down for six days. But, apparently, that wasn't enough. While I *did* put my room back to working order, I don't have anything up on the walls except my coat rack, menu, state certifications, and the new polish rack (which doesn't even have regular polish on it; it's holding my gel polishes right now).

I had a "super irritated" moment last week when I just decided that, since I need Ace's help to get more of the stuff up (class certifications, a mirror, two gel polish racks, etc), and we're focused on the bathroom remodel at home, I just would give up the idea of doing anything in my studio other that work until the bathroom is done.

The sense of relief I felt after that decision made me realize that I was honestly stressing out a little... simply because my project wasn't done! It's like I had to give myself permission to take a break, so I could focus on something else.

If you haven't looked at the last few pics (so far) of the album on my FB page, here's a couple shots of my (empty walls) studio.

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