Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In Other OPI News...

... after two+ years of using my CND UV lamp for all my gels & UV polishes, I finally decided to get OPI's LED lamp. Reason? Simple: money. My CND UV lamp was $150 when I first got it, plus the bulbs (which are $40-ish), which have to be replaced every 80-100 hours (which is about every 3months for me). My CND UV lamp cures all brands of gel polish I own (CND Shellac, OPI GelColor, OPI Axxium SOG, Gelish, and ibd Just Gel). When OPI contacted me to test their new Glitter Gels, I wondered if it would be an issue that I used CND's lamp instead... Then, I got an email titled "HOW TO REGISTER YOUR OPI LED LAMP". Once registered, I will be on their Find A Salon list (to accompany the listing I already have on CND's page).

I decided to look into the differences between a couple of the brands I already use. I then talked to the manager at one of my local beauty supply stores, Gabbi. She said she could get the Gelish 18G lamp for me for cost. However, I started to hear some complaints about it... and when compared to the OPI LED lamp, it rated way low (cheesy feeling, lamp won't come on, timer not working, etc). I was going to ask her what price she could get the OPI for me when I happened to stop in Ed Wyse.

There, I was told the price had just come down from $400 to $300. They had one in stock. I was going to buy it, but then (as is her normal, above-and-beyond customer service) Kara tells me that there is a 20% off coupon, but it's not good 'til "next week". So, not only did they holding the last one they had (I can only assume they had more on order) until yesterday (when I went to pick it up -- $239.96, actually), but they also are holding stuff I need but not quite yet, until April 1st (which also happens to be my 9 year wedding anniversary, btw), when they have a 10% OFF everything SALE DAY!

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