Monday, March 25, 2013


I love them. Seriously... they are great. I hope OPI comes out with more of these. Just as in the chunky-glitter polishes, you can move the pieces to make designs... or just leave them as they lay. A friend of mine used the bigger gold pieces in "When Monkeys Fly" as the gold in a Pot Of Gold, St Patrick's Day, design. I used the big white squares in "Lights of Emerald City" in a line on one of my co-workers; had I used more pieces all over her nail, it would have been *argyle*. The rainbow flash from "Which Is Witch?" is awesome over just about everything! And, remember, it came with a creamy pick shade -- "I Theodora You" (there are two other cremes in the collection -- "Don't Burst My Bubble" and "Glints of Glinda" -- that were not included in my pack... one is slightly peach, and one is slightly yellow; great for your darker skin tones) which can be used alone, or layered for some "Candy Mani" or "Cake Batter Mani" looks!

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