Monday, November 10, 2014

A Bit Of Advice from your friendly neighborhood nail tech...

Now, THIS is a great article! I only found only a few minor things I wanted to point out...

1. Spot on, except for the mention of using a pumice stone; those things harbor so much bacteria... ew. I will use a sloughing cream, a foot file, and a moisturizing scrub to reduce your calluses, but I will not shave them for you. I highly recommend purchasing a foot file for home use in between pedicures, as well.
2. Spot on, except for the mention of "rinse & disinfect" tubs... Tubs should be WASHED (with soap & water), scrubbed free of debris, rinsed/drained, then refilled with disinfectant. If your salon uses piped (whether hard-plumbed or not) jetted tubs, they must also sanitize & disinfect INSIDE those jets & pipes in between EVERY client and at the end of the day.
3. Yes, yes, yes. *I*, personally, WILL NOT use any implements you bring to me since I trust that my procedures are above & beyond state law, however, I will tell you that the "at home" procedures this article states are correct.
4. True.
5. True. Although never required, a tip is always appreciated and tells us we've done an EXCELLENT job.
6. This one, at least for me, is a no-no. Cell phones are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria, and I just went through all the proper prep on your nails to make sure they are free of contaminants. Not to mention it takes time away from your appointment, which I've so carefully scheduled for a specific amount of time; that's just rude. Unless it's a true emergency, stay off your phone.
7. SUPER-YES! Even if you can only afford a pedicure a few times a year, you must take care of them at home. And, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use cuticle oil (stop rolling your eyes at me)!
8. Once in a while, no problem. Every time, no. Keep your hands out of your mouth, wear gloves when gardening & doing dishes, don't pick, and use your cuticle oil.
9. My state does not require new every time, so I follow meticulous disinfection procedures. My clean tools are in a sealed container, my dirty tools are in a sealed container in a different spot, and one-use items are always thrown away. I don't use a "pedi throne" type pedicure chair, either... You get a properly disinfected tub and a cushioned chair.

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