Monday, November 10, 2014


Our local ABC news affiliate posted this article a few days ago (after running the story on the news). While Shellie Bailey-Shah got it generally correct, she missed a few finer points:
1. In Oregon, you cannot reuse emery boards, buffing blocks, etc (as mentioned), but she neglected to say you *can* reuse professional files, buffer files, etc when labeled as sanitizable/disinfectible. These are "emery boards", these are "professional files"... see the difference? Same thing applies to buffers; there are one-use ones and there are reusable ones. Your tech must either PROPERLY sanitize & disinfect all implements (then store them properly), or use new ones.
2. Most techs don't soak nails anymore, but if they do, obviously you should get a fresh bowl of water each time, and the bowl itself should be properly disinfected & stored between uses. The reason most of us don't soak anymore is because it bloats the nail plate, leaving your polish/product more susceptible to breaking/chipping as your nails return to their normal hydration level.
3. All hands (yours and your tech's) should be WASHED (with soap & water) before service (I also use hand sanitizer on myself & my clients before I start), paper towels are to be thrown away after using, and implements (as I said) are to be washed then disinfected after use.
4. I shouldn't even have to say this, but since she mentioned it: dirty implements, dirty towels, etc should be put into a "dirty" bin (I have a Rubbermaid container with lid marked "Dirty Implements", and a laundry basket for dirty towels... I also have a clean towel bin and a lidded container for clean implements).
5. All one-use items should be put into a garbage container with a lid.
6. Your tech should have their state/city/county licenses on display AT ALL TIMES! I, personally, have a City Compliance one, a Nail Technician one, and an Independent Contractor one (since I booth rent). My salon owner has a Salon license, as well as her own personal ones, as does every beauty professional in our salon. These must be in the salon and posted for your tech to be legal; he/she cannot leave them home, in their purse/pocket, etc.

Many bad things were brought up in this news story, but *most* salons have good techs working there. Of course only the bad ones usually make the news... There is a BE SAFE checklist in the article; read that. Then, check the link (if you're not in Oregon, you can call your own state's Cosmetology Board) she provided to see what, if any, violations your salon has had. Also, and I keep telling people this, report violators -- link here! With only 6 inspectors in Oregon, they cannot keep up on all the corner shops going up, so if you don't report them, they're going to continue with their unsafe practices.

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