Friday, December 25, 2015

Checking In...

Not a whole lot of "new" going on in my studio, but I wanted to take a minute to wish all of you a Happy Whatever-You-Happen-To-Celebrate this season (contrary to popular belief, Christmas is NOT the only "reason the for season"). My immediate family is atheist, so years ago, we changed the term "Merry Christmas" to "Merry Santamas". But, for whatever you believe or don't, I hope everyone has a great day today, a good weekend, and a good start to the new year. OH, and before I forget (in case you haven't been reading very long), I don't do "Resolutions", but I do set goals; usually work-related. This was last year's list, and it looks like I got all of those taken care of (a little easier since I moved into my much-larger room over the summer!). So, this coming year, my goals are as follows:
1. More clients -- my Thursdays and Fridays are pretty open right now... any takers?
2. Sell retail -- I have a cabinet with lotion, top & base coats, oil, files, and more, but haven't sold much. I'm really hoping to get more people to purchase these things from me (remember, when you buy "pro" products from a grocery or health/beauty store, they are not guaranteed by the company; they could be old, knock-off, or mixed. Don't take the chance!).
3. Get my husband to build the window stop for my new portable a/c unit.
4. Floor paint touch up -- there are a few spots that didn't take as well as I wanted when I painted before I moved in.
5. Get a nicely framed SERVICE MENU made and put up next to my mani table.
6. I need a new tech chair, too... :)

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