Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Original Post Date -- 4/24/2009

I haven't blogged about work-related stuff, yet, so bear with me. I have a client/friend, MW, who is the bookkeeper for the salon I rent space from. She, the salon owner (PH), and I made a deal three years ago: I would do MW's nail services, and PH would let MW deduct the cost of those services from my monthly rent. Good deal all around, if you ask me...

I get a deduction of roughly $120 from my rent cost every month, but MW is having hip surgery next month. That $120 is going away starting in June (probably ending in August, but we're not sure of recovery time, though, so that may change). And, since I don't have my certification for working in people's homes, I won't be doing them for her at all while she recovers. Luckily, those are busier months for me at the salon, so I shouldn't be hurting too much...

Yesterday, she came to me for a fill (she gets GELS on her fingernails) and a pedicure, but they were in such bad shape that I ended up just taking them off and giving her a nice, soothing manicure with her pedi. She left with slight changes in her next two appointments (next fill is now a Mani, and next fill/pedi is now a spa-Mani/pedi), and I left knowing I can make her look as nice as possible before she has this surgery.

I know a lot of people think what I do is for the frivolous and well-off... And, in most cases, that's probably true. However, there are a few of my clients who have medical conditions (physical as well as mental) and for those, I feel I'm giving them something to keep their spirits up, no matter what else life throws at them. Women, especially, are judged for how they look. These women will always, as long as I'm around, have beautiful hands & feet. And, that, my readers, is important to their mental well being. Happy people heal faster, too!

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