Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Originally posted November 30 2010

Since May of 2010, I have created a YELP page, maintain my contacts at three local beauty supplies, and participate in many discussions via FB, beautytech, and NAILS magazine. I have switched over roughly 90% of my longtime clients to Shellac, and more than doubled my clientele (almost all of which have found me on CND's website). I also am currently doing the salon owner's nails as well as one of our hairdressers, and have told the others to "get their butts upstairs".

This gel/polish hybrid has taken off, and there are now many more brands on the market. I have tried OPI's version; downsides are: comes in a pot, have to stir before every use, have to scuff up natural nail, and takes a little longer under the lamp. I also want to try Gelac (by ibd), as they have many more colors available, come in some glitter shades, and will be readily available at one of my supply stores (I hate ordering pro products online). I also have the new lamp (5-finger = less time in my chair = more clients per day) on order, but it probably won't be in until January...

I also recently got a job offer from CND... They want me to be an educator for them in the Northwest. I turned it down. It would entail a lot of travel, and a lot of teaching others, but very little time to actually work on clients in my salon. I am not ready to give that up, yet. I asked them to revisit the offer in a year; we'll see how I feel then.

In the meantime, I love my job. Oh, and Princess recently wrote a paper for class on what she wanted to be when she grew up. She surprised me and wrote about how she wants to be a nail stylist, "just like my mom". I made her promise to get her business degree first (career change, number one...)!

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