Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Blog...

For those who are new to this blog, I decided to separate my "personal" stuff from my work stuff (well, on my blog, anyway), so that those friends/family that don't want to read about my work-related junk won't have to. The previous four blogs were cut & pasted to this one, and deleted from that one. Now, it's on to newer things...

First, let me introduce myself to my new readers: I am Dana, and I own ARTISTRY OF THE NAIL in Portland, Oregon ( I rent a room (I refer to it as my studio) in an old, converted home downtown at a full service salon -- SALON SHIBUMI. I love the owner and all the ladies with whom I work. I have been a certified (Oregon doesn't call it "licensed") nail tech since April 2004.

I am a mother of one (almost 12yo girl), whom I refer to as Princess to protect her identity. I am also the stepmother of two -- my SS is 18 1/2, and my SD is 16. Both currently live with their mother, but my stepson may be moving out on his own soon. I have been married to their father since April Fool's Day, 2004 (just three weeks before graduating Nail Tech school).

In this blog, I will be sharing only things work-related... funny stories, things that irritate me, new services, interesting/related articles, etc. I may also share a photo or two periodically. I have set this page up so that all comments must be approved by me before they'll post; it's a *PUBLIC* page, so please watch the language. Thanks!

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