Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All Done! Well, For Now...

Last Monday was my last CND class for a while... I think. I now have my Master Painter (Shellac and Colour&Effects), Master Architect (CND's liquid & powder class, formerly known as "acrylic"), and my Master Sculptor (Brisa gel line). I just did a two-hour, Shellac basics & spa mani/pedi lines, class, as well, titled "Flavor of the Season". All of these classes got me a beautiful certificate.

All of these certificates should be professionally framed, as they are not standard frame size. Luckily, Ace has an old high school friend who owns a frame shop in SE Portland. For Santamas, Ace had my first (Master Painter) certificate done; yesterday we took in the other three to be done to match. The fifth will be my official "GRAND MASTER" certificate, which will also be framed by Brooke.

I *do* have a GelColor (OPI) class in May, but after that, my big push for classes is done... for now. As I've said before, continuing education is important; even if your state (or, if you're not even in the beauty industry, even if your chosen career) doesn't require it. If we don't open ourselves to new, bigger, better things within our scope of practice, we can't grow as a professional.

It seems that the goals I've set for myself (see that list here) are slowly, but surely, getting checked off. Oh, per that list: I'm actually getting the INTUIT version of the credit card tool, my husband is working on my shelving as we speak, and I think I actually may do my room in a pretty light purple...

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