Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Upgraded & Updated

Well, my print materials, anyway... Every two years, I raise my prices. My cost of living goes up, my cost of product goes up, I take classes to raise my skill levels, sometimes my rent goes up; I am the only one who *can* give me a raise. In the eight years I've been in business, the only clients I've lost have been ones who've moved or died; not due to my prices.

Monday's visit to Tanya's was super successful. Not only did she fix (this is why we all should continue our education; practice, practice, practice!), then "blinged out", my left hand's nails... she also went over all my promo stuff. New prices start January 1st, 2013 (well, technically, the 2nd; I'm off on the 1st), & I thought "Who better to help me with this than someone who's been in the industry for more than 20 years?"

1. My business cards: Will now have my full (legal) name, title ("Grand Master, Nail Stylist, & Artist"), name of my business, address of business, my cell number, email address, & my work page on FB --- in that order. Basically, I'm adding "GM" to my title, removing the "office" number (since it now directs you to the salon owner's cell, and she then forwards the messages), scooting everything up a line, and adding my FB account.

2. My promo cards: Will now have Shellac info on one side, and Axxium & GelColor info on the other. Shellac price list will be removed; in its place will be a blurb (possibly pic, if I can find or make one) that says, "If it doesn't say *CND Shellac*, it's not *CND Shellac*. Don't settle for imposters!"

3. My brochures: Will have an updated map, & directions from different highways, on the back (the old baseball field has a different name and the business next door has been sold). My basic services will be priced the same as they are now, but my enhancement & specialty services are going up. I also eliminated "Gel Top Coat" (decided to just include that as part of the acrylic service, if needed, instead of hand buffing to a shine), and added a second art section (one for simple painted things, one for "bling" like glitter, pigment powders, transfer foils, engraving, etc).

Now, I need to get all the new images on a disc, and arrange a time/day Megan will be available at the UPS Store up the road. She has a Graphic Design degree and already helped will my printables last time, so I'm going to stick with her for the updates. I may, down the road, have her design my website, too... but that's at least a couple years down the road (maybe for my 10 year work-iversary).

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