Monday, March 12, 2012


Today's "Master Architect" class was the last of three classes I needed for my "Grand Master" certification. This one was all about acrylics. Three interesting things: (1) They have a new acrylic powder they have introduced, but we didn't get any in our kits... and (2) They have new additives (pigment powders, etc) they'll be selling late this Spring, so we got samples of those. Actually, I had gotten samples at my "Master Sculptor" class last month, so this time, I got two more; I now own four... and

(3) Included in our kits was green, red, & black acrylic powders; all of which are being discontinued because of the pigments coming soon. These give me things to play with on my daughter, being as she is currently my only acrylic "client".

So, technically, I don't physically have the certificate that says "Grand Master" (I didn't even know until today that we *got* a "Grand Master" certificate; only that we got the three "Master" series certifications). That one will come within a week or two.

My husband has an old high school friend who, along with her partner, owns a custom framing shop (she owns the frame shop, her partner owns an interior design shop -- they share a large studio space). She did such a great job with my "Master Painter" certificate that I want to use her for the other three, as well.

Tomorrow, I head to my friend (and local CND rep & educator) Tanya's in-home salon to go over (1) my price list & print materials I'm going to redo at the end of the year, and (2) my May calendar to put her clients into my book, while she's out of town for three weeks.


  1. Gone for three weeks? Is she coming to FL? I couldn't be so Besides the Master Painter class I'm taking Monday there is nothing else going on :(

    1. She posted FL's EA for you on my work page... bug Melissa! ;)