Monday, March 26, 2012


So, a few months ago, I traded Zoya's "Rica" for Zoya's "Twila" with a polish blogger, THE NAIL FILES. I *do* know her real name, but you don't get to have that information because she swore me to secrecy (hehehe). As a nail tech, I actually am not using many of my regular nail polishes anymore, so trading works great for me.

About three weeks ago, TNF posted a photo of her FB page of a broken neck on a bottle of OPI "Unripened". I know this is considered a "vhtf" (very hard to find), so I felt bad for her. Fast forward to early last week. She mentioned that she had a new bottle of JULEP polish up for trade. So, seeing as I own zero JULEPs (they are a monthly mailed subscription polish), I sent her an email, offering her my own bottle of "Unripened"; used once.

She was over the moon happy, & offered two JULEPs (giving me my choice from five she had) in trade. Then, she asked if I also happen to have "Mad As A Hatter" (another vhtf). I did, but that one had been used a couple times. She asked for photos, and after I sent those, said, "I will give you all five of the JULEPs I listed below if you'll send me Unripened & MAAH!"

Since, as I said, I own no JULEPs, I agreed. I'm not using these polishes; they are sitting on my racks collecting dust. I could sell them to the highest bidder, but I'm not like that. So, I agreed, and sent them to her with a couple of other goodies (CND pedi sampler pack & a little chocolate). When she got them, she sent five beautiful JULEPs in a keeper box.

They're gorgeous; seriously. I don't need to swatch them 'cuz I've seen what they look like on blog sites. For the record, I now own: Elizabeth, Rachel, Brooklyn, Gayle (not my fave, but pretty), & Leighton. I'm thinking these will be great on my toes (since I never wear regular polish on my fingers)...

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