Thursday, March 8, 2012

Almost There...

So, next week Monday, I take the last in the series of three Masters classes CND offers. I've already taken Master Painter (Shellac application and their Colour & Effect line of polishes) and Master Sculptor (Brisa gel system, which I've already been using since it came out, but I did learn a couple of new things). All my print materials will have to be updated soon, as well... to reflect all these classes.

This one is Master Architect, and it goes over their new Retention+ acrylic system. They've had Retention+ monomer for a while, as well as a few others, and the Perfect Powder polymer -- these two are what I used most. Currently, the only acrylic "client" I have is my daughter (age 12 1/2), so it will be nice to learn something new & have at least one person to practice on.

I know a lot of people think enhancements on children is ridiculous. As a tech, I'd have to agree... mostly. MOST children have no clue how to take care of their things, nails included. However, since my daughter has grown up within the beauty industry, she does. She's never bitten her nails, always asks me to file/trim them when she breaks one, has regular manicures (not as regular as I'd like, but better than most kids), and consistently uses her Solar Oil.

That said, I would love to add a few regular acrylic clients back into my rotation... if nothing else, to keep my skill level where it should be. And, on that note, I was granted one of the biggest compliments I have ever been given recently...

The CND Education Ambassador who is teaching these classes happens to have turned into a good friend. She also lives about 15 minutes from me (she has a licensed in-home salon). A couple weeks ago, she asked what my May schedule looked like. I said, "Pretty open at the moment; I haven't booked many that far out yet. Why?" She said, "Because I have to travel quite a bit that month, and want you to take care of some of my clients while I'm gone."

Are you kidding me?!?! YES! As an (only) 8 year tech, to be asked something of this nature by a 22+ year tech is HUGE! I love that she trusts me & my work enough to temporarily take over part of her clientele. It's also a bit scary... but I'm looking forward to it.

Part of the reason for these classes, aside from the obvious --- making sure we're all using CND's products as they intended --- is to network. Networking becomes useful when you need to find a trustworthy tech; someone to take over your clients when you want to take a vacation or need to take a hiatus (for whatever reason), someone to refer cold-calls to when your book is full, someone who you know is a good tech.

I am hugely grateful for this opportunity, and looking forward to getting my name & my work out there even more.

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